Everest region is where the highest mountain in the world stands. Trekking in the Everest offers you the views of Mt. Everest and several other mountains in the region. 
Although Mt. Everest is the main highlight in the region, there are so many other factors that you will love during your trekking adventure in the region. In addition to the mountains, glaciers and lakes, you can also enjoy the cultural magnificence of the Sherpa people living in the region. Being in the region will allow you to know the lifestyle and culture of the famous climbing tribe of the Sherpa people. As Everest is the home to the Sherpa, you cannot stay away from knowing their cultural wonders. And it is certainly difficult to ignore this famous community when you are at their homeland. 
It is not only Everest Base Camp Trek that you can do in the region but you can also explore many other routes. Everest region offers trekking adventures of various lengths and difficulties. You will enjoy your time being at the base camp and other magnificent viewpoints and high passes when you trek in the region.